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Bulk SMS Marketing

At present we are going through a very complex a multi faceted and fast paced world, as the info technology has revolutionize the world with real time passage of info around the globe. In this scenario, Dataslices Bulk SMS Marketing, Service and Solution has made the passage of info to the clients extremely simple in a very user friendly manner.

Dataslices specializes in SMS Marketing, Bulk SMS Marketing and working as leading sms service provider in UAE, Dubai and Middle East market since 1996. Our focus is to make the mobile sms messaging easy to understand with producing great results. Dataslices bulk sms provides a wide spectrum of interactive services for entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

Interaction with the help of mobile sms service is one-off ability to create corporate client interaction coupled with real time data collection. We are into an era where client desires to get instant service, easy access to info and the service or product to the place of their choosing. We at Dataslices have the requisite experience to undertake sms mobile campaigns to come up to the expectations of our client and their customers.

Our clients can select from a wide spectrum of marketing solutions, interactive two way sms service or bulk sms provider service, we can help to grow your business theme.

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Dataslices distinguishes itself from competition on the basis of dedication its people, balanced mix of knowledge, technological expertise, innovative and interactive solutions using digital media & mobile technology.

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