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Our unique application can be customized to any company's specification and can be fine tuned with their backend MIS system. In pull based application they can retrieve the specific data from database whenever they want. this application is also very useful for the sale guys those who are on field. they can have a real time report on their cell phone which keep them update on the daily stock lying in the store so that they can book orders accordingly.

This application is for the top management of any company who want to keep an eye on daily sales, stock etc.this application is either push based or pull based. in push based application at a predesided time on every day the authorized members of top management can receive a report of daily sales and stock on their mobile via sms.

Short Code Application

For short code we have developed extensive application which can be very easily tuned with the customer's requirement and implemented in a very short time span. we have various applications ready for short code like sms poll, sms contest etc.

SMS Products and Solutions:

✔ SMPP Server

✔ HTTP Server

✔ SMS Gateway

✔ SMS Reseller Panel

✔ SMS Desktop Applications

✔ SMS Outlook Plug-In

✔ SMS Excel Plug-In